My name is Jordan Crass, and I am a Graphic Designer. As a designer I see myself as a very creative problem solver. I feel that for many of my pieces that I have done over the years I have gone outside my comfort zone, I feel that I am very willing to go after a problem that I know nothing about or something that I am not really interested in. My style of design would probably be lighthearted, humorous approach. I try to find the humor in serious topics, it is a challenge for me to see how I can bring out the satire in a serious situation. From my perspective that is where my creativity stems from is satire and the humor approach. Satire I feel is such a strong quality in art and design. Especially when you are trying to send a message and communicate with people, satire is a good way to   One of my designer pet peeves is I don’t like to do the first thing that pops in my head, I feel that the first idea is probably the idea that anyone could have come up with. Design to me is something that serves its purpose, if there is a need for something good design is the solution to the problem. Good design is intended to fix the problem and serve its intended purpose. What Is cool about design to me, is that design can borrow all of the elements and principles of art but can be intended for a specific use. Although design can be used to solve a specific problem, design can also be interpreted differently depending on the viewer. This is what makes design so useful, as well as what is so beautiful about what design is. For me I feel like many times that there is no inspiration, although I know that isn’t true there is always inspiration for every design and piece. I feel like I spend so much time thinking about something completely new that no one has ever thought of before. I take a lot of inspiration from people like comedians, which is why I feel a lot of my work has humor in it. A fault I have as a designer is that I try too hard to please people, I am always trying to think of what people want to hear as oppose of what I want to say. Although this is a good quality when working with a client, so I feel this quality is good for my design work. Not so much for the creative integrity of my designs, so I fear in the future of my career that I may be left unsatisfied creatively. I feel there will always be a stone left unturned because I was too afraid to say what I wanted to or create what I wanted to because someone might not like it. That is why I look up to comics so much because they are not afraid to say or do or create whatever they want.
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