Hello. My name is Marquez Davis and I am a student attending East Carolina University. I am a junior and I am on my way of attaining a Bachelors's degree in Fine Arts with a concentration in Graphic Design. Before coming to East Carolina, what I would do that was centered around art was draw cartoons/anime, my favorite characters or even draw pictures for other people. I have always wanted to do something centered around art, whether it is creating art for other people or drawing to express my emotions. 
That is the way that I want to go about my work as a collection, although I was given assignments with certain requirements, I was still able to add my touches to them to make them distinctly my own. I like for my projects to speak for themselves, not to be loud but rather subtle and bold. In the currency project I centered my bills around famous athletes that impacted American culture, I used gradients that had minor shifts in color as well as allowing my type to have the same weight color and size throughout all bills. My use of gradients could be a touch of mine that I enjoy, allowing a design to be able to have a smooth transitional switch in color is aesthetically pleasing. 
In my mobile app, you can see my use of bold colors. I used a darker shade of red for my buttons with a dark gray that is a few shades from black as the background helps to create a subtle and bold combination. I would like others to perceive me as a different artist with a different approach. I like to think outside of the box when I approach an assignment, getting a feel for the design requirements are a must, that way I can add my touches where it is needed most. When I think about a design I try to think about what will cause people to stop and look rather than take a glimpse and resume walking. I want people to question why did I do this or that, or how did I do this or that. If it is my creation it may not be what the viewer would want it to be but if I get them to stop and wonder then I will accept that. But designing for a client I, of course, would try to fulfill their wishes to the best of my ability. 
What inspires me the most is the outcome, it is such an enjoyable feeling when you have been working on a project for a while and then it is finally complete. There is always room for change when a design project is done but sometimes you have to stop after that because too much change may alter it drastically. 
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