My name is Myiah Nueman and I am a graphic design student at East Carolina University. Born and raised in Charlotte NC, I am currently a rising senior working towards my BFA in Art. My parents have always told me that ever since I was six months old, I always had a pencil in my hand. Their willingness to let me express my creativity allowed me to find my passion in Art & Design. Since my father has a career in IT and technology, at a young age he showed me how I could design on the computer. These experiences led me to pursue a career in graphic design. 
My design style can be described as fun and playful. My work is often very bright, colorful, detailed and non-simplistic. As a graphic designer I am very time conscientious, organized, dedicated, and an absolute perfectionist. I enjoy taking on new challenges and testing my boundaries beyond my current limits and skills. I am always learning new techniques and ways to improve my craft. I am inspired by other designers, illustrators, and animators. However, what inspires me the most is television, more specifically cartoons. I am a very charismatic and imaginative person which leads me to adopt and playful and sometimes childlike style. Cartoons inspire me because it’s interesting to see how the designers portray characters, objects, etc. in a unique way. Whenever I create, I always have the television on. For me having the television on stimulates my brain and my imagination, almost bringing me back to a mindset of childlike wonder and curiosity. 
As a creative I see myself as someone who creates artwork symbolic to myself. I typically do not aim to please others in my work and a majority of my works have some significance to me. I find myself to be a common underlying theme in a lot of my works even though the viewer does not typically see it that way. I enjoy designing artwork that is meaningful to me because in the end whatever I created is my work. Despite whether or not anyone else likes what I created, I should still be able to look at my work and be proud of what I created. I want others to perceive me as an inspiration. I want to be able to inspire others to use their imagination and create artwork they can be proud of. I see myself as a unique designer because I want to become proficient in all areas of graphic design. Although I do have a few preferences, currently I enjoy all aspects of graphic design. I never want to turn a customer away because I can’t do something, or because I haven’t mastered a skill set. This is why I love to take on challenges, it only further advances my skills and sets me apart from others. 
The work in this collection is a demonstration of my design style and represents my variety of skills in different graphic design areas. It also showcases my expertise and precision in my craft. This collection is very bold, colorful, lively and spirited. It illustrates not only my design style but who I am as a person. 
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