Art and design have always been a part of my life. Throughout my life so far, I’ve been told that I’m creative, to the point to where my senior superlative was “most creative.” For years I’ve done many painting and illustration freelance work for anyone who needed a favor, but I never got to thinking about design until college. After a few years of some experience, I still have trouble trying to figure out what my unique aesthetic is or will be. I consider myself as “all over the place” and that’s not always a bad thing. In Craig’s ART 3200, he described my style from the way I designed my personal logo mark. The design gave a sense that I can be easily adaptable with my style of work to accommodate any challenge thrown my way; free spirited, which I think explains me well. I do have a strong worth ethic, and even though I described myself as all over the place, that doesn’t mean that I’m not organized. I love to plan ahead and keep my work organized; I can also get extremely nitpicky for wanting everything to look absolutely perfect. When I’m given a project that connects with me, I tend to get tunnel vision and so zoned into what I’m doing that I lose track of time. I have always had many different interests and inspirations that affect my style. The two styles I love the most that have inspired me would have to be a modern, simple style that uses a range of pastels and a minimal clean and sleek look, and the other, as I like to describe, a trippy, vibrant or rustic, 70’s hippie style. Both styles I like to include the use of organic and geometric structures because I don’t necessarily follow a strict rule. I mainly focus on what will attract the viewers eye and keep them intrigued without feeling overwhelmed. Even though I may not know exactly what my purpose for designing will be, I want others to see my work as a reflection of who I am in a good way. As of right now, I’m not entirely sure what path of design I will take, but I do enjoy looking at logo, web and print design inspirations so hopefully those interests will lead me in the direction that fits me best. 
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