Graphic design has been my passion for a few years now. It is a primary way to communicate with audiences without verbal communication. Design can shape the way people perceive their surroundings and without it, the world would be boring. I want others to perceive me as a determined designer that is original and able to take risks. When designing, I am curious in experimenting with various tools and techniques. Because of this, I am able to discover new ways to design and create my work. 
My work can be contemporary or modern depending on the type of project. I like everything I create to be clean and sharp. I love minimalism and geometric work the most. Creating something in the simplest form is more successful than creating a very complex solution. If the audience can immediately identify the reasons for my design choices, then I’ve won. A good amount of contrast is a key component in a lot of my work because it helps organize my designs and establish a strong hierarchy. Good contrast also adds visual interest for the audience. Negative space is another aspect of design I like to include in my work because it enhances the aesthetics of my work. It helps increase recognition, especially in logos, and text readability. 
To begin my design thinking, I always do research. No matter how much I may know about a subject already, research is always key. After that, I identify the needs and problems for a certain work. Next, I begin to create ideas and think about various solutions. Lastly, I put those solutions to the test and see if they coincide with my research and needs. 
Looking at other graphic designer’s work inspires me the most. Seeing the amazing things they create help me realize that I too am able to do amazing things. I also explore social media as inspiration because there are always new ideas circulating around. It is an easy and fast way to find new trends in design through other designer’s social media accounts. 
In order to be a unique designer within a creative community, I have to take risks and be innovative. Always willing to try something new even if it does not turn out the way I want. Being a designer means exploring all of your options and trying various solutions. Whenever I design something, a logo for example, I don’t just design one and be done. I create dozens of solutions and make revisions until I find the best one. This makes me a successful graphic designer.  
I am interested in becoming a logo and brand designer after I graduate. I have always loved designing a brands identity and seeing it come to life, even if it is a hypothetical project. I like to design simple logos that can represent effectively. I also consider making them look fun and exciting but being able to hold a strong brand at the same. I want my work to stick with people and have a positive impact. I make sure that what I create will reflect the purpose and goals of the subject or client.
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