My name is carter Jewell I am a passionate Graphic Designer who strives to make unique and beautiful designs while also experimenting with new methods of design and mediums. When I sit down to work, I think to myself what I can create that feels unique and simplistic yet has an alluring and mysterious beauty to it. I want to create a piece that has my viewers confused yet intrigued as to what it means, how it was put together, and the thought process behind each placement of a line or color in my pieces. Everything has a reason for being there and discovering what it means and how it could relate to a subject is like digging through the layers of the art itself until the treasure is revealed.  I find that the use of negative space and symmetry within pieces of art is and extremely appealing aesthetic to me I love simplistic and subtle designs that catch your eye and make you wonder about each element of the artwork itself. When creating designs, a large amount of my inspiration comes from music and architectural elements and modern design. I want to create a piece that feels modern and unique but has a subtle message behind it and I want my viewers to perceive it as that and think of me as the designer as someone who wants them to look at my work for extended periods of time and appreciate the subtle placements and hidden messages within the work itself. I enjoy putting small details in the artwork only I would notice or recognize as well that might relate to something personal happening in my life or my opinion on a topic as a way to give each one of my pieces a personal feel to me when I view my own work and wondering if anyone has caught it or noticed it and smiling to myself almost like I left a hidden message in a bottle just for me to find. When I think about the type of work I would want to do my mind always drifts to album covers or advertisement and branding I have always been a huge fan of marketing and branding designs and logos and the entire process behind it. Seeing my work on an item in a grocery store or an album cover at my friend’s house or on a billboard always fills me with excitement knowing my work is out there being viewed by thousands of people even if they don’t know I did it the fact I know I was able to make that design and someone might pick up that item and say “Hey that’s a pretty cool logo design they got here” is all I could ask for as a Graphic Designer. I want my work to be seen and I want it to succeed to push myself and continue to experiment with new mediums and techniques of making designs that will compliment my style and aesthetic perfectly.
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