As a wide-eyed, first generation college student, I had no clue what I wanted to study, but I always knew I had a niche for the visual and communicative arts. In a world where technology is ever-evolving, the need for people proficient in digital and graphic design is a constant necessity. I didn’t fully understand the concept of graphic design and what it was until I began taking courses in it. It quickly rose to the top of my list of interests and importance in the arts as it is very versatile and intriguing. My first general thought of graphic design consisted of only logo design and advertisement, I quickly learned that these were only a small chunk of the graphic design world. As someone who is inspired by fashion, the music industry, and pop culture, these were the things that lead me to believe this is what graphic design consisted of, not setting type or creating a packaging design for products, though I’ve grown to love every aspect of it. One could say it is my “passion.”
As a designer, I view myself as someone with a lot of power to influence and inspire those around me. In our society, I feel as though simple things like billboards, magazine layouts, and the packaging chips come in are taken for granted. We don’t appreciate and realize the time and thought a designer takes when creating something for the eyes of the public. Graphic designers play a very important role in our everyday lives, even if people aren’t willing to accept the fact. Being a designer takes a certain amount of patience and craftmanship, whether it’s working with a client or on an individual project set for yourself. I’d like to be viewed as a designer that takes his time with his craft and makes sure every possible need and want is met. As much as I enjoy working alone and seeing my personal thoughts being given life, I love working with other people as a unit or group. Nothing fuels my motivation more than input or opinions from others, whether they be positive or negative.
I haven’t found my own style yet and I know it will develop as I continue down this road as a designer, but I’ve always had an idea or an aesthetic that I’m attracted to. I think that aesthetic sets me apart from other designers but doesn’t push me completely away to where I can’t collaborate or work with others in a creative community. A reoccurring theme or style in a majority of my work revolves around geometry and the subject of shapes, something about perfect circles or 90-degree angles really intrigues me and promotes a sense of balance or visual hierarchy in it all.
Living in a world fueled by technology and social media, inspiration and a different way of learning seems to be easily accessible to those willing to take the initiative. As a designer it is all too easy to draw inspiration from any and everything in the world. It is imperative to continue to study and stay knowledgeable about current trends and how we as people and as a society function. People are now realizing how important it is to have individuals that can produce good design work. This field is ever-expanding and isn’t going anywhere soon, so all I can do is continue my studies and propel myself upward in the realm of design.

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