My name is Madison Wicks and I am a Graphic Designer studying at East Carolina University. This exhibition includes work from my junior year in the graphic design concentration. The projects I am presenting include a resume with a personal trademark, a design for a new currency, a beer label, and screens for a new mobile app. As a designer, I am drawn more to modern and simplistic designs and ideas. I would describe most of my designs as minimalistic with an emphasis on organization and visual hierarchy. I think an important part of design is functionality, but the design should also be pleasing to the viewer. In terms of creativity, I perceive myself as someone who still has much to learn but I have grown tremendously and mastered plenty thus far being in the graphic design concentration. I want my designs to be viewed seriously in the graphic design community and to serve a purpose. I am inspired by every design, not just modern. I think all fashions of design have value and purpose. There are so many opportunities for design and ways that we can keep improving. Design includes innovation, modification, and modernization. A designer takes new and old ideas and creates something new. I am inspired by my classmates and professors, as they have educated and enlightened me throughout my time at East Carolina University. I plan to take the advice and techniques that I have learned and use them in my professional career. As a designer, I want to create work that that is functional and appeases to the client. I don’t think that every design is made to be loved by everyone, but I hope mine can be loved by many. Methods that I tend to repeat in my work include illustrations, iconography, use of negative space, color theory, and patterns. The use of different typefaces also has major importance to my work as a certain type can mean everything to a design. What can set me apart from other designers in my field is that I am also a proficient illustrator. Illustration has always been an important part in my life as a creator. I also have knowledge on fine art techniques which I see useful for my career as many ideas in fine arts also apply to design. I think having knowledge in more than just graphic design, but design as a whole and being in the fine arts community will benefit me in my career. I plan to continue my career in graphic design with incorporating illustration in my work as I see fit. I want my work to be aesthetically pleasing but also provide functionality and have reason. 
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