Life is about taking joy in the little things—and this idea is the main inspiration behind my work. For me, design is unique because it allows me to capture a moment or idea in time and display it to the world from a different perspective. I enjoy it because it allows me to focus on the small things—the details that may seem insignificant alone, but without it would leave the design feeling empty and incomplete. It allows me to shine a light on the things that often go overlooked. 
More than anything, I want to be known for being thorough with my work. One project that I believe best displays this is my mobile app, The Emerald Loop. Being thorough when designing an app is essential. It is necessary to make sure that there are no dead ends when navigating between pages, that all icons fit together and are following the same style, and that every page on the app has the same look and feel. Being attentive to these details is very exciting. It is one of the most satisfying moments for me to go through every individual element and to see the end results of having a smooth functioning application because of it. On top of this, I also take joy in creating designs and concepts around an existing idea, expanding it, and helping it grow. 
It is also essential to consider the client and audience when creating a design. To ensure that I am meeting the needs and wants of the client, I do in-depth research into their identity along with the target audience. This type of thoroughness is what led to the final products for the beer bottle and American currency projects. Due to the extensive research into what best represented the target audience for each project, I was able to create an effective design layout for both.
Design has endless possibilities as the world is always changing, and the chance to discover and represent these things is what excites and pushes me to create what I do.

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