My interest in art became an interest in graphic design once I realized how necessary and influential it is in the consumer world. As consumers, we tend to be drawn to products that are appealing and stand out to us. In order to be seen and heard in the professional art world, I wanted to be a part of the influence and competition. As a designer, I feel it is my responsibility to create imagery that communicates the meaning of the content it is based upon. In order for communication and design to be successful, everything should be coherent with one another. I take all of my designs as personally as the photography and written content that is incorporated. I believe, they are just as, if not more important than the design. When viewers look at my design work, they will notice vibrant colors, gradients, rounded imagery, and high contrast. I tend to steer away from pastel-like colors because I do not feel they are impactful enough in my standards. The color themes I use are heavily inspired by the 70’s and 80’s. The earthy tones from the 70’s is refreshing to view in design because it invokes a naturalistic element. Nature in general inspires me through its colors and forms whether it is in the sky or in plant life. My love for sunsets is probably one of the reasons I use gradients half of the time. Psychedelic art and music are another influence in my designs when it comes to complex details through colors and rounded typography. One of my favorite graphic designers, Paula Scher, created some amazing album art in the 1970’s. One album in particular that she made for the band Boston, “More Than a Feeling”, is one of the reasons I want to be a designer. In the 80’s, art and film contains color themes that have a positive energy and fun vibe. When someone looks at my designs, the phrase “groovy” or “chill” could easily pop-up. Other major influences in my art include the music I listen to. The way indie music makes me feel and think visually is translated in my designs. An example of being the way a chorus or background sound flows is in mind when I think about how my designs flow as a whole through movement, shapes, and colors. As I take my design work seriously, I try to make my designs appeal as exciting and energizing rather than straightforward and serious. Even when an article or photograph I use is pressing, I still try to keep the design appeal as inviting.  Minimalism is another important factor in my design. I find minimalism in design appealing as it is impactful and not overwhelming at the same time. This is a common element I strive for in design. In the future of my design career, I’d be interested in designing for music artists since music is an important influence in my creativity. This includes content such as, album art, festival posters, and merchandise. 
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