As a graphic designer, I am driven by my need to problem solve. Taking the information given to me to create a collaborative work of art between the client and I, is like solving a puzzle. It is satisfying for me to transform a client’s name and ideas into an aesthetic representation of their brand. Giving my client an identity and helping them express their ideas, gives me a rewarding feeling that never gets old. 
My junior year body of work represents all that I have learned in this short time frame. My style this year is evolving as I learn more and more. The work I am presenting describes me as someone that loves details and colors. As an artist, I started painting and I think this reflects in my work. I think of my designs in that way; how colors impact each other and I tend to try to fill the space with as much as I can. In my work in the past I tried to minimize and simplify my art, but always felt like it never represented myself. 
I differ from other graphic designers because I present my work as a beautiful image and design, rather than just a cool design. My smaller details bring the viewers in and provide them with new information every time they look at my designs. Since I started my art career in painting, I want to continue to bring some of that into my future work. I am learning through my pieces that I am striving more towards an overall design career rather than just a graphic one. My hope is to one day work in a creative field as an artist that gets to do some type of design installations. Whether this is murals, interior design for clothing stores like Free People and Anthropologie, or set designs for concerts and plays. Sometimes because of this, I feel like my work lacks a real direction or strong style like other graphic designers, but I have learned that I might just be headed in a different career path than others in my field. I also give myself a hard time and constantly try to perfect everything I design, which sometimes leaves me frustrated and stuck on a design. 
This year, as a junior graphic design student, I have learned to take a step back and enjoy the work I have created. I will strive to put out as much work as possible. I am excited to continue developing my style and skills after everything I have put together this year.
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